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We are well established Apple Mac Repair Center, providing repair services for all Mac products: iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro. Our aim is to provide an affordable, dependable and pleasant solution to all issues with your Mac devices. We understand that these devices are very valuable to their owners, which is why we work with all the devices as if they are our own. We wish to make the process of MacBook repair as convenient and easy as possible. We are well known for delivering the best Mac repair services. We provide our service to all users of Apple devices. We retain a high level of quality of service, while still offering a competitive pricing.


As a trusted provider of repair services for damaged Mac products, our aim is to ensure complete functionality of your MacBook. When you get back your device, it will be performing optimally, as if it was a new device. We work to get your Mac device back in your hands as soon as possible. We appreciate the fact that you trust us to repair your device and try our best to make the experience of each customer as memorable as possible. To ensure total convenience for our customers, our customer support service is available to deal with any query a customer might have. We are always happy to assist you with your questions. You can even call us to get an estimate for the repair of your device.


In order to ensure that our customers get the optimal solutions, we are always looking to evolve our workplace.We choose only the best talents to work for us so that we can further innovate our services. This is why we are a trustworthy name, when it comes to repair, replacement or upgrade of Mac devices. Our technicians also have the expertise to efficiently fix any MacBook problem at the earliest possible. They are properly equipped with the latest repairing and diagnostic tools. We have a reputation of offering path breaking repair services and we strive to maintain that reputation.


  • We don’t charge for diagnose or estimates, if repair done from us
  • We assure you competitive prices
  • In house repair
  • Simple, friendly Process
  • 24 hours service, on most repair cases.
  • Original Apple parts
  • More than 10 Years of experience
  • 3 months warranty

Specialised in Repair iMac, MacBook and iPhone